Thank You All!

Wow, this has been a lovely opening! I'm so pleased to see that everyone has found the shop and even likes my printed art! It really warms this cold, dead heart of mine.

Next up I'm going to be listing some of my original artworks! I have a couple of inked drawings and miniature paintings I'd like to sell, and if you all like them I'll definitely be making more!

I'm going to be VERY busy in the coming months. Here's a list of the events I'll be vending at soon! 

Market of the Beast: September 17 at Monarch Studios

Seaside Oddities Market: September 30th and October 1st at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

Blasphemeet: November at Monarch Studios


I'm of course busy running the shop and online orders again, constantly looking for new inspiration for blasphemous pieces, but I'm also hard at work developing my drawing skills and trying to make more printed artwork! I hope to provide some interesting new things with my blockprinting venture soon. It's a wonderful, physical artform and I can't wait to get even more printwork done soon.

I'm still doing commissions and such, so if you'd like a unique rosary, go ahead and message me and we can work something out! You can send me an email on my contact form here on my website, or you can dm me on Instagram.

With Infernal love <3:

Unholy Rosaries


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