Do you make custom rosaries?

Yes, I do that often! I usually have a waitlist, but I can send you an outline of what it takes to do a commission for a rosary. I announce on my website when I'll be free to do commission work, and you can work with me then. 

What materials do you use?

Base materials for most silver rosaries are silver plated brass for the eye pins and stainless steel chain and jump rings for in between beads. Some base rosaries are made with glass, some are made with crystal or semi-precious gemstones; it all depends on the model! Charms and pendants range from a zinc alloy to pewter and stainless steel. Check the listing for more information!

I have a metal allergy. Do you make jewelry I can wear?

I can make a custom order for you! Send me a comment on the contact form and I'll get in touch with you. This usually means I have to make the eyepins out of stainless steel, and I also have to source the pendants and connector pieces to make sure your necklace is hypoallergenic!

Do you make custom shrines?

I don't make custom shrines at this time, sorry! They're incredibly time consuming and finicky so I'm unfortunately unable to make a bunch of different ones right now. I hope to add more deities and spirits to my arsenal soon!