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Unholy Rosaries

"But I can still run" Tier 2 Black Acrylic

"But I can still run" Tier 2 Black Acrylic

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This piece is personal. I began drawing this heartbroken rabbit after I began processing some personal events in my life, and would even write stories about them. Like in Watership Down, the rabbit is an animal with a thousand enemies; nose and ears constantly twitching for any sign of danger. I felt a lot of kinship with the rabbits and the suffering they might experience, but I also realized that they're resilient creatures who know how to run and outwit their predators. Even though I've been injured, I can still run.


This print was made with carved linoleum block, black acrylic ink, and acid-free paper.




Tier 2 prints are "less" perfect with more static, but otherwise have decent lines and details.

All prints have some variation and no two are exactly the same.

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